Frequently Asked Questions



What is the extra edge I can get when I enlist my services on Gosaluni ?

Gosaluni is an ADDITIONAL platform to hike your Business. Not only do you have the cake but only can we assure you that there will be chances of having a Cherry on the cake in case you register online with Gosaluni. You are advertising your exuberant services to that clan of tech savvy people who wish to choose and opt online. But yes, we do not guarantee you cent percent results.


Do I need to pay any amount to Gosaluni when I register or else is it free of cost ?

We have ample opportunities for our Sellers and Service providers. The best part of this portal is that you can register free of cost, but as well said, the more you ferment the alcohol, the more yummy you drink. Similarly, if you want to make your advertisements more highlighted to myriad customers you have the option to pay more and make your Business enlisted on the top.


As a merchant, can I send promotional Emails?

Of course... Yes!! You will always have the access to send Bulk emails to all your expected leads but a very big “No No” to access their Mobile numbers. Mobile numbers can be accessed only if you get personally the approval to do the same from any one of the Customer.


As a merchant can I keep a list of the Bookings and the Appointments of my customers ?

Yes. Any merchant can avail this amenity on Gosaluni. You can create separate lists within your portal once you have created your particular account in the Gosaluni portal.



Will I get Quality Service providers when I start looking for my requirement on Gosaluni ?

Ground hunting in today’s scenario, being unaware of the online portals is no less than speaking to the walls. When you start hunting for Quality, Gosaluni is always there at your doorstep. You only need to knock the door.


How many merchants can I connect through Gosaluni?

We understand your needs and value your requirements, therefore keeping in mind that you have ample choices based on Quality, at one time you can connect a minimum of ten merchants but we advise you not to share your Mobile numbers.


Can I be sure that Gosaluni is Customer and not Business centric?

We will not dissatisfy you. Generally, after you reach the Service provider’s place in physical, you become aware of the services whether being offered or not and what are the rates for each. In this case, the picture is different absolutely. You will come to know beforehand either through mail or SMS regarding the most trivial service also, at all is it available with the merchant at a specific point of time or not and its price. After knowing these whereabouts, you can proceed finally from your home with the ease of your own Time and the Comfort of your Space. You are the plenary Decision maker.


As a customer, do we need to pay any amount?

We honor our esteemed customers. As an easy gateway, we have kept this portal 24/7 accessible. It is no less than a free tracker for you. You need not pay despite getting the Best Merchants and beholding their Brand names online. Make your payments only after Merchants fulfill cent percent of your commitments.