GOSALUNI has its PRIVACY Policies
Like many other websites, which have lost its identity at Bay, GOSALUNI.COM is a website unlike those sites because our eminent Merchants as well as Customers need to identify the fact that we are keeping ourselves upgraded from time to time. We respect and commit ourselves in maintaining the Privacy of each and every individual. GOSALUNI promises to implement incessantly reasonable security practices, procedures, policies and technologies with the objective of protecting our Merchant’s/Customer’s privacy from unauthorized access and improper usage and review periodically the same. Beyond this, GOSALUNI is bound to change these Policies without any notice or intimation to our Eminent Merchants/Customers. In case any type of Testimonial is to be posted on the Site which includes the name of the respective Merchant/Customer for that specific Testimonial, be assured, GOSALUNI will take definitely the prior consent of the Merchant/Customer.

The Privacy Policy has a Sole and Whole Intention. It is amended from time to time. It will give you an understanding whether how we process your Personal Information in our safeguards. At the same time, once you are accessing our Website, you are giving us the Consent, to access, collect, store, use, exchange and share your Personal Information for the purpose disclosed in the Policy.

The Protocol of Personal Information Usage
On accessing GOSALUNI.COM, the Personal Information being provided by you is a reflection of your Identity. For few Customers and Merchants, it may vary from the other domain of Merchants and Customers as per the needful up gradation which is done probably within a span of Weeks, Months or Years.

Nevertheless, it will include your First and Last name, Official Designation and Place and Address of Work, Present Residential Address, an Email and your activated Mobile number and you need to provide finally your Credit/Debit Card information with the utmost levels of Trust. Contrarily, in case we intend to use your Personal Information in a manner different than the purpose for which it was collected, then we will ask definitely your consent prior to such use. You can decline to submit your Personal Information on the Site, in which case you may not be able to access our services or the Site.

Reasons for tracking your Personal Information

To keep you updated regarding the upcoming of New Products/Services and make you Better Prospects by informing you about our Ventures and Affiliates.
Once you have registered along with us by sharing your Personal Information, you have the plenary rights to download the details regarding any type of Product/Service and other Technicalities and Instrumentation related to the same.
Any requests placed by you will be processed within No Time.
Your Personal Information is the Gateway to your OPEN FEEDBACK.
The back end team of GOSALUNI will be benefitted to fulfill some official agreements which our Team had prior with either the Customers/Merchants.
We can also favour to resort any type of problems faced by you with regards to the Products/Services.
Last but not the least, through your Credit/Debit Card information, we intend to check your Financial stsbility and act accordingly with the proceedings of your Payments, further and beyond.

Additionally, when you give us any content as part of your Information, you are granting us a non exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, sub licensable right and license to use, reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, perform and display such content (in whole or part) worldwide through the Site as well as on any of our affiliates or partner’s websites, publications and mobile platform. On your consent and behest only, we have the complete rights to share your Personal information with our subsidiaries, affiliates or other trusted businesses or persons for the purpose of processing the same on GOSALUNI’s behalf. These parties agree to process such information based only on the Instructions and in compliance with this Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. By consent to the Terms you are deemed to have consented to this provision in the Policy.

GOSALUNI.COM will forever keep the pledge not to disclose the Personal Information (except as what is mentioned in the above paragraph) provided by the Merchant/Customer to any other unknown third party, unless such action is necessary to:

Safeguard the rights and interests of the affiliates, employees, members, constituents or of other persons and our Property.
Enforce the Terms and Conditions of our Products and Services.
Detect and prevent or else otherwise address technical issues related to Security, Fraudism and Breach of Faith.

Moreover, at its own sole and whole decision, GOSALUNI may also remove the complete personally identifiable information submitted by you and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific purposes. You need to acknowledge finally that GOSALUNI will not be required/responsible to procure any further or additional confirmation or approval from you for using the Personal Information for any type of Purpose.To the extent required or permitted by law, GOSALUNI may also access, collect, use, store, exchange, share and disclose Personal Information in connection with security related or law enforcement investigations or in the course of cooperating with authorities or complying with legal requirements or with any legal process.

Finally, every customer and merchant are advised not to copy, modify or distribute content catering to information of other Merchants and Customers (other than your information or else requirement catering to Grooming and Beauty Care/Service you intend to provide in terms of Grooming and Beauty Care) and Gosaluni’s copyrights or trademarks.

At the bottomline, we would also expect your heartful consent that the collection and use of any Personal Information or any other information as disclosed under the Policy will not cause any loss or wrongful gain to you and also any sort of Mental trouble/illness. Further, you also hereby acknowledge that this Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions detailed under the Site (“Terms”) and shall be considered part and parcel of the said Terms and Conditions. By consenting to the Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you have consented to this Policy also.

Usage of Non Personal Information
It is imperative for our esteemed Merchants/Customers to keep in mind that once information is being provided by you and sent by your web browser, it may be collected automatically and stored manually or automatically by our servers. This information includes typically your Domain name, User name, Internet protocol (IP) address, Operating system and Platform, the Average time spent on the Site, Browser type and language, the Date and Time of your request / transaction history, Pages viewed, Information searched for or requested for, Access time and other relevant statistics.

The amount of information sent depends on the settings you have on your Web browser. Refer kindly your Browser if you want to learn what information it stores/sends. Additionally, we also retain/store user communications – communications exchanged with our visitors/users for an easy processing of your Requests and Enquiries and thereby focus on improvising our Service methodologies ….

The Cognizance in your Computer System
Partial information regarding the Cookies on your computer when you visit the Site might be preserved by the Back End of GOSALUNI. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to the hard drive of a visitor’s computer for record keeping purposes. This information facilitates your use of the Site and ensures that you do not need to re enter your details every time you visit the Site. You are free to block this information from your computer/browser, which depends on your choice. Erasing or blocking such information may limit the range of features available to the visitor on the Site. This type of information will be used by GOSALUNI further to provide visitors with a personalized experience on the Site and allow them to use the Site without logging on upon returning, to auto populate email forms, to make improvements and to better tailor the Site to our visitors’ needs. At the day end, this information is used to verify that visitors meet the criteria required to process their requests.

Privacy of the Child
It is our absolute care to frame the GOSALUNI Website in a manner, which is unstructured to attract minor children less than eighteen (18) years of age. Personal Information from anyone under 18 years is therefore not collected. Keeping this in mind, it is mandatory for our Customer/Merchant to acknowledge that he/she is above the age of eighteen (18) years.

Third Party website Links
GOSALUNI.COM might contain certain links and hyperlinks to other GOSALUNI pages as well as to websites’ of third parties not connected or affiliated to GOSALUNI. In addition, you may have linked to the Site from another website. The third party service providers are also an important means by which GOSALUNI maintains the Site.

We do not assure to respect the Privacy of such external Websites/Parties in case our Merchants/Customers access these links from the Site. Hence GOSALUNI encourages you to review the privacy statements of the websites you choose to visit from the Site so that you can understand how those websites access, collect, use, store, exchange and share your Personal Information. We recommend that you check the policies and Terms and Conditions of each website you visit, or link from, and contact the owners or operators of such websites if you have any concerns or questions.

Change of your Personal Information for your Accuracy
To the extent that you provide us with your Personal Information, GOSALUNI wishes to maintain your accurate Personal Information at all times. Where we collect Personal Information from you, our goal is to provide you with means of contacting GOSALUNI should you need to update or correct that information. If for any reason, those means are unavailable or inaccessible, you may send updates and corrections about your Personal Information to info@gosaluni.com and we will make reasonable efforts to incorporate the changes in your Personal Information that we hold as soon as practicable.

Contact Information and Suggestions
At the day end, GOSALUNI.COM is no less than an Open Forum for all its Merchants/Customers. You are always and most welcome to turn up with your comments, questions and suggestions regarding the Policies. If you believe that GOSALUNI has not adhered to a particular Policy, please contact us by email on support@gosaluni.com .